PTFE Sheet/ Seat

We offer the optimum quality PTFE Sheet, PTFE Ball Valve Seat & Plug Valve Sheets, which is precisely manufactured in order to meet our clients’ exact needs. Our offered product finds application in various industries. The entire range is precisely checked by our quality analyst to offer a flawless range of product to our precious clients. In addition to this, clients can avail mentioned product from us at rock bottom prices.

PTFE Sheet is often chosen for very low friction sideways and wears blocks. PTFE Sheets can provide very low resistance with mating components to offer a free running sideway surface requiring minimal momentum to move products or components. PTFE Sheet is also used in lining of cryogenic chambers due to its excellent and rare ability with very low temperatures. PTFE Sheet has great chemical resistance. Its coefficient of friction is the third-lowest of any known solid material. Due to its excellent dielectric properties and is suitable for use as a material for printed circuit boards. PTFE sheet is one of the most thermally stable plastic materials. Its high melting temperature makes it a good choice as a high-performance substitute.

We manufactured these PTFE Valve Seats from quality raw material. PTFE is an ideal material for ball valve seats due to its low coefficient of friction against metals, chemical inertness and general effectiveness as a sealing material.

Pure PTFE Rod 0% Excellent chemical resistance, Outstanding Electrical properties, Excellent Flexural properties.
Glass filled PTFE 15-25% High compressive strength, Excellent chemical resistance, Better wear resistant.
Carbon Filled PTFE 25-35% Lower coefficient of friction, High compressive strength, Better wear resistance, Better electrical conductivity.
Graphite filled PTFE 15% Better chemical resistance, High compressive strength, Better wear resistance, Better electrical conductivity, Improved frictional properties.
Bronze filled PTFE 40-60% Better thermal conductivity, Lower coefficient of friction, High compressive strength, Excellent wear resistance, Excellent chemical resistance.

  • PTFE Gasketing material: Gaskets, Washers, O/D/V/U rings, Piston Rings.
  • PTFE Expansion Joints / Bellows.
  • PTFE Ball Valves Seats / Seals / Diaphragms.
  • PTFE Laboratory Ware: Beakers, Plug Cock.
  • PTFE Linings of Reactors, Storage Vessels / Pipes and Flanges.
  • PTFE Bearings for Conveyor belts.
  • PTFE Nozzles for SF6 circuit breakers.
  • PTFE Barb Insulators.
  • PTFE Connectors.

  • One of the most stable thermal plastic, functions from -180oC to + 260oC.
  • Resistance to virtually all corrosive material, Moisture & U.V.
  • Very low co-efficient of friction.
  • Excellent dielectric properties & tensile strength even at low temperatures.
  • PTFE rod has approved by the Food and Drug Administration & can be used food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Composition: PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene).
  • Specific Gravity: 2.17 gms / Cm3.
  • Tensile Strength: 210-350 Kgf / Cm2.
  • Elongation: 250-400%.
  • Hardness: 52-58% Shore D.
  • Water Absorption: 0.01
  • Heat Resistance: -250oC to +260oC